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How do you lessen friction?

Less pressure / weight. Or a different material. F.ex. use som liquid to grease the two elements and lessen friction.
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What is the meaning of lessen?

It means to decrease, get smaller, or fewer in number, to reduce in some way. To 'become less'.   There are words like it: deepen means to 'get deeper', broaden means to ge (MORE)

How to lessen distortion?

A: distortion is caused by a device operating out of it normal capabilities. To reduce or lessen it is necessary to bring the device within its proper operating curve
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How do you lessen your anxiety?

Try focusing on your breathing for a few minutes. Take deep, slow breaths from your belly. Let your stomach rise and fall. So much of treating an anxiety attack when it's happ (MORE)
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How can you lessen the overpopulation?

Educate women. Also, some people are saying that the world isn't overpopulating because "there's plenty of space in the world that is uninhabited!" NEWS FLASH! Only 15 percent (MORE)
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How did you lessen the pollution?

To lesen the pollution is not that easy. First, you need to turn off the lights when you are not in the room. You may also want to chang the regular light blubs to the recycle (MORE)

How can you lessen immorality?

Immorality can be lessened by inculcating the message of morality, international brotherhood, universal love among the masses especially among the students from their childhoo (MORE)