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Why is lester b Pearson famous?

He is famous for many things like creating the Canadian flag in 1965 that we now know today, he won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 for his Peace Keeping missions with the U.N dur (MORE)

What did Lester B Pearson do when he was prime minister?

He brought medicare to Canada, he introduced a Pension Plan, he improved student loans, signed an autpact creating thousands of jobs, he created Bilingualism in Canada- making (MORE)

What did Lester B Pearson do for Canada?

The Pearson government intruduced a number changes in Canada including:    Established the Canada Pension Plan   Introduced Universal Health Care   Created the (MORE)

Did Lester B. Pearson invent the Canadian flag?

He proposed the idea and all of Canada sent in 3000 designs to parliament to be voted on. Then parliament narrowed it down to 3 designs. Pearson wanted the 'Pearson Pennant Fl (MORE)

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