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Where do balloons go when you let go of them?

They fly up and up until the air density outside the balloon matches the gas density inside the balloon. This can be very high. Then they float at that level until they pop, o (MORE)

If you have two cars in your name but you are considering letting one car go back to the company after you get another one how will this affect your credit?

  Do you mean defaulting on the loan and allowing it to be reposessed? If so, it will show up as an auto loan default and repo. That will stay on your credit report for (MORE)

Why did God let the Holocaust to happen?

taking form a Jewish view, Before i answer this lets rephrase the question: Did God let the holocaust to happen? No, He didnt;it was mere man's evil, War, hate, murder, kill (MORE)

What does let go let god mean?

To let go and let God simply means giving up self in order to get were God is trying to take you. Letting God take control of ones Life. We should let anyproblem go and let go (MORE)

How long does it take for the trustee to tell you what is going to happen to a piece of property that he could auction or let you buy back or abandon?

there is no set time for such a decision. Although it is everyone's best interest to get all the issues resolved as quickly as possible. The trustee's decision will be made o (MORE)

Can God go back in time?

God (as usually understood in Christian theology) is eternal and  exists outside time; he created time and so existed before  time (which is a bit hard to understand). He th (MORE)

Does letting a car go back to the lien-holder affect your credit even though i took no loan from the bank and also what is the best way to give it back to that person?

If you were the lien holder, how would you like it given back? How soon would you like it given back? and how much money would you want if the person you trusted were to give (MORE)

When your girlfriend lets you go after being distant and says she loves and still in love with you and its too soon for her what do you do besides give her space to get her back?

When a girl takes a mad dash for space, despite the love she feels for a man, the possibilities of the relationship surviving are very slim. There was a reason, other than bei (MORE)