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Let her go or get her back?

let her go. if she comes back she comes back.trying to get someone back is not romantic if shes moved on the following her around is going to be really annoying.
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How do you let go someone u love but that person doesnt love u back?

  I'm sorry, but you don't. If you truly loved that person, you will never fully let them go. It's easy for me to say this, but so not easy for me to do, but if they don't (MORE)

How does letting a car go back to the lienholder affect your credit?

      It is a blackmark on you credit for a number of reasons. Each month that the loan is in force there is a record listed to the credit bureaus for each payment (MORE)
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When a prisoner is let out of prison what percentage of these go back to crime?

According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 67% (or two-thirds) of offenders who were released in the year 1994 were arrested again withi (MORE)

If you really love someone and they dont love you back do you let go or keep trying?

if that person doesnt treat you good then yeah leave. don't waste your time trying to make or wait for that person to love you there are plenty of other people out there. and (MORE)

What does let go let god mean?

To let go and let God simply means giving up self in order to get were God is trying to take you. Letting God take control of ones Life. We should let anyproblem go and let go (MORE)

Can God go back in time?

God (as usually understood in Christian theology) is eternal and  exists outside time; he created time and so existed before  time (which is a bit hard to understand). He th (MORE)