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What is the song that amaryllis is playing in the music lesson ion The Music Man?

The first song Amaryllis plays is source music: the incomplete first phrase of "Rustic Dance" by C.R. Howell. I have found vintage sheet music published in dates ranging from (MORE)

Who sang Let the music play 80s song?

Barry White  It was originally a disco hit for Shannon but was rerecorded in the 80's by Count Dees Hit Explosion and is now (Oct 2009) sampled in SOS(Let The Music Play) by (MORE)

Who wrote the song The Music Played recoded by Matt Monro?

mariah Carey wrote this song... Mariah Carey did not write this song. It was written in the 1960s by Udo Jergens. The original song is in German, but has been sung in Spanish (MORE)
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Do you have to be able to read music and play an instrument to compose your own song?

You don't have to be able to read music necessarily but you should know how to play at least one instrument and know a bit about how music works generally. Writing a good song (MORE)

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