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What can cause you to be lethargic?

Answer . Many things can make you lethargic such as too much food, too little food, too much sleep, too little sleep. a common cold, not enough water, too much sun, pregna ( Full Answer )
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What does lethargic mean?

Lack of energy;sluggish The official definition of the word lethargic is "affected bylethargy; sluggish and apathetic."
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Where did lethargic come from?

The word lethargic comes from the Greek name Lethe. She was aresident of the Underworld who essentially moved around slowlywithout much animation.
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What is the antonym of lethargic?

Lethargic is a word that means tired, lazy sluggish, so antonyms of lethargic would be energetic and active.
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Why am I lethargic and tired?

Yoiu might have low iron. I would see a doctor and get a blood test if I where you it could save your life!
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If you are feeling lethargic what do you do?

Actually, one of the best cures for common lethargy is to be active. Instead of laying in bed, get up, dressed, and take a short walk. Walking invigorates the body, gets blood ( Full Answer )
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What if a cat is lethargic?

If a cat is lethargic, take it to the vet. The vet can exam it, and run a series of tests to try to find why the cat is lethargic. The vet will also be able to provide the own ( Full Answer )
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What is nutrition and lethargic?

Nutrition is the extraction of useful things from the food and liquids that we consume, such as we eat an apple, it is nutritious because we are getting vitamins from it. Leth ( Full Answer )
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Why is your angelfish lethargic?

If you have a lethargic fish, it usually means that the fish is ill, or there is a problem with your tank water quality
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Why is my husky lethargic?

If your husky is lethargic, you should take him or her to theveterinarian immediately. It could be nothing, but your pet couldbe ill and need treatment.