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Who is Lethe?

Lethe is the Greek Goddess of oblivion/forgetfulness, associated with the Underworld river of the same name.
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What are Lethe and Mnemosyne?

Lethe = one of the rivers in the Underworld; river of forgetfulness Mnemosyne = The Titan goddess of memory and the mother of the nine Muses.
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What is the myth of Styx and Lethe?

Lethe is the Underworld river of oblivion/forgetfulness. Styx is the Underworld river of hate, upon which the gods and goddess swear oaths upon.
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What is the meaning of a-lethe-ia?

Aletheia is the Greek word for "truth", and like the English word implies sincerity as well as factual or reality.
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What was the river Lethe also called?

The River Lethe is the river of forgetfulness and is one of the five rivers of Hades. It was believed that the newly dead who drank from the River Lethe would lose all memory ( Full Answer )
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Does lethe has a plural?

Lethe isn't a word used alone; in Greek Myth it is a name for the Underworld river goddess of forgetfulness/oblivion.
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What are Lethe and Nepenthe?

Nepenthe is in Greek Mythology (Odyssey) a medicine for sorrow, literally, an anti-depressant - a "drug of forgetfulness". Lethe is the Underworld river of oblivion/forgetf ( Full Answer )
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What is the Spring of Lethe?

The Lethe River ran through the plain of Lethe in Hades. Also known as the stream of oblivion, the river flowed around the cave of Hypnos where the murmuring waters caused dro ( Full Answer )
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How was the river Lethe of Hades created?

The river Lethe was associated with Lethe a goddess offorgetfulness. Making her a daughter of Eris or Oceanus.