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What are letters?

Letters are used to write and communicate on notes and schoolwork. Letters are also used to spell words out. People see letters everyday in books, magazines, and even on traff ( Full Answer )
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What is lettering?

Lettering is the art of making letters with the use of drawing or lettering instruments..... Lettering is the art of making letters with the use of drawing or lettering instr ( Full Answer )
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What is a letter?

1. A letter is a character used for writing and speaking. Well know letters in America is the Alphabet. . 2. A letter is a note of message that can be sent through the mail. ( Full Answer )
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Answer a letter?

A person can answer a letter by creating a response on a sheet ofpaper. The letter should be placed in an envelope and sent throughthe mail.
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What is the letter after a?

B is the letter after A. the alphabet is ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ . UNLESS. A cop is asking you to say it backwards then you stop after A
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Why is a a letter?

A letter is either a letter (a,b,c etc.) or a letter like from your grandmother.
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Objects that begin with the letter letter a?

Objects starting with A are: . abalone . acorn . agate . airplane . aloe . altimeter . aluminum . amber . amplifier . ampule . amulet . anchor . anchovy . ange ( Full Answer )
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What letter begins with the letter y?

U pronounced "you" starts with Y or if you want words that start with Y here: . you . yell . yellow . yam . yatch . you're . your . yeah . yet . yo-yo . yucky ( Full Answer )
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What to do in a letter?

u start off with dear... a persons name, then u make a space write what ever u want and at the end u close it by saying love...ur name ;) did that help so here it is dear p ( Full Answer )
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What are the letters?

The 26 letters in the alphabet are: . A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z