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What is a five letter animal with 2 vowels?

Addax  * Adder  * Aphid  * Bears  * Boars  * Bongo  * Booby  * Burro  * Camel  * Civet  * Cobra  * Comet  * Coney  * Coots  * Coral  * Coypu  * Crane  * Degus (MORE)

What are the 2 kinds of letters?

Business letter - Easier to write up with a computer and is more formal, used when it is important and/or you don't know the person well. Personal letter - Hard to write up (MORE)

4 letter words with 2 syllables?

Just off the top of my head, here you are. pâté open opal upon into atop airy also kilo menu bony pony liar user anon mini wino exit ci (MORE)
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What is the 2 General divisions of letters?

Division of Letters The two general divisions of letters are Single Stroke letter and outline or single built-up letter Single Stroke letter: The term single stroke means that (MORE)

What is a 2 letter word with C?

Two-letter words are usually abbreviations of some sort. CA is California or circa. CB is a type of radio. CC is cubic centimeter. CD is compact disc or certificate of (MORE)

What are 2 syntax in the scarlet letter?

Syntax is simply the arrangement of words. Two uses of syntax in  "The Scarlet Letter" can be found in the sentence, "It was  careless, at first, like a man chiefly accustom (MORE)