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What is a let?

A let is when the server serves a ball and it hits the top of the net and still goes in the correct service box. The server gets to redo that service.   For example if the (MORE)

Who wrote Let it Snow Let it snow Let it Snow?

Songwriters: Cahn, Sammy; and Styne, Jule Singer Bing Crosby. let it snow written by lyrics Let it snow, Let it snow Come to me, come back to me Let it snow, Let it snow I (MORE)
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What is a let for tennis?

In tennis, a let is where a player serves and the ball clips or brushes the top of the net chord and still lands in the serice box, and when this happens, the serve is played (MORE)

How let let a girl like you?

be yourself and make her laugh and give complements and respect to confident when you talk to her.your dress shoud be clean
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Is lets a prefix for let us?

Yes. No. Let's is the short form or contraction of let us. A prefix is something added to the beginning of a word to adjust it's meaning eg happy + prefix un- = unhappy
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