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If you are leucine sensitive is goats milk better?

The major casein fraction in goat milk has higher leucine concentrations than the major casein fraction in cow's milk. This would suggest that although the proportion of the f ( Full Answer )
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What is leucine?

Leucine is an amino acid that is frequently used as an energy source for muscles in the body. All amino acids are essentially building blocks of protein, and leucine plays an ( Full Answer )
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Leucine polar or non-polar?

It is non polar. In amino acids, "polar" or "nonpolar" refers specifically to the side chain; the molecule as a whole is definitely polar, but leucine's side chain is a hydroc ( Full Answer )
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What is the sequences of the anticodons for the transfer RNA molecules that carry each of the amino acids in the protein sequence tyrosine leucine proline serine stop codon and threonine?

It depends on the mRNA sequence being read. As seen on a codon table, tyrosine has two synonymous codons -- UAU and UAC. The tRNA anticodon sequences depend on the mRNA sequen ( Full Answer )
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How is leucine made?

Leucine is a natural product; see the link bellow for the synthesis of leucine in plants.