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What is leuven university?

It's the university of Leuven (town) in Belgium (country). Mostly known as Catholic University Leuven. The oldest and largest university of Belgium.
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Why did the Americans bomb Leuven in World War 2?

Because they got too many bombs and had to get rid off. Louvain (or Leuven) was a huge Railway Junction / Marshalling Yard and was being utilised by the Germans for Troop tra ( Full Answer )
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Does Leuven have a sex club?

the girl is have seen the money in our boy friend and together go to the ciub
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Which hotels are available in Leuven Belgium?

There are many hotels in the Leuven, Belgium area. A few of them are Theater Hotel Leuven Centre, Industrie, Mille Colonnes, IBIS and de Biestpoort. Belgium has a central ( Full Answer )
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Where can one learn about Leuven?

Leuven is a city in Belgium with a proud past with many must see locations.There are many travel portals that gives good information about its history and many ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in 10 jaar leuven kort - 2004?

The cast of 10 jaar leuven kort - 2004 includes: Dorona Alberti Gene Bervoets Natali Broods Nand Buyl Stany Crets Hubert Damen Sara de Roo Damiaan De Schrijver Veerle Dobbelae ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Eddy van Leuven written?

Eddy van Leuven has written: 'Bijdrage tot de tuinbouwgeschiedenis' -- subject(s): History, Truck farming, Vegetable trade