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What does a lever do?

A lever is a simple machine that uses variable distance to multiply force, or to redirect existing forces. With a lever, the force exerted by gravity on a weight can be used t (MORE)
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What is a lever?

A lever is a simple machine, which can be part of more complexmechanical devices. The basic lever consists of a stiff bar or rodplaced across a support structure called a fulc (MORE)

What is leverism?

Leverism is not a word that is of doctrine, system or practice. Alever is a simple machine consisting of a rigid bar pivoted on afixed point and used to move objects.
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Where are levers used?

Livers are used in cases when 1.less effort is used for lifting larger load(MA>1) 2.when more displacement of load is required from lesser displacement of load
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What is an lever?

A lever consists ofa straight bar and a place about which the bar can pivot or turn.

What are 1st levers 2nd levers and third levers?

They are the 3 types of lever a first class is where the fulcrum is in the middle a second class lever is were the load is in the middle and on a 3rd class lever the effort is (MORE)
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Where can you get a lever?

Kroger , wal mart , toys are us , quick trip , target , super target , costco , chuck e chesses , the mall , soccer field , school , in a car , at a party , jail , plane , tra (MORE)

What is the law of lever?

If the distance from the handle to the pivot (fulcrum) is n times the distance from the load to the pivot, then the force required to move the load will be the weight of the l (MORE)
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What does levers do?

Levers are a type of simple machine. They allow you to do more work with a lower amount of energy invested.