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How do you levitate?

Levitation is not possible. It is an illusion. Levitation is believed widely to be impossible, however there aresome eastern medicinal practitioners and magicians who claim to ( Full Answer )
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What did the Levites do?

In the Torah . In the Book of Numbers the Levites were charged with ministering to the Kohanim (priests) and keeping watch over the Tabernacle:. And thy brethren also, the ( Full Answer )
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How do people levitate?

Multiple methods can be found easily on youtube. Criss Angel released a video on youtube at the "Criss Angel" link listed below. The Balducci method can also be found on youtu ( Full Answer )
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Can you levitate?

When meditating some Buddhists can (supposedly - but neverscientifically established). Of course there are some recreationalplaces where you go into an enclosure that blows ai ( Full Answer )
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What is a Levite?

A Levite is from the tribe of Levi (descendants of Levi). The Levim (pl) make up the priestly class in Judaism and the Cohenim (high priests) come from this tribe. All Levi ma ( Full Answer )
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What is levitity?

If the question was supposed to be about "levity", it's merrimentor lack of seriousness - especially when inappropriate. It has anolder meaning of being light or buoyant - alo ( Full Answer )
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What is the levitical law?

The question is incorrectly worded as the Law is God's and no man's. The tribe of Levi was given the priesthood (Levitical Priesthood) which oversaw the points of the law. Th ( Full Answer )
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What were the duties of the levites?

Duties. The Levites were made up of three families, from Levi's sons Gershon (Gershom), Kohath, and Merari. (Ge 46:11; 1Ch 6:1) Each of these families was assigned a place nea ( Full Answer )
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How can I levitate?

You cannot. Levitation is not possible Answer: While levitation in the magic sense (good for flying carpets, saints and such after repeating a fer mystic phrases) is not ( Full Answer )
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How can you get levitation?

By going to meez hills next go to Macabre Mansion then go to the forgettin Attic and the per son will be there then click him and it's 900 coinz. add me nicki_7089 if u do mes ( Full Answer )