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Who was Leviticus?

There was no person called 'Leviticus'. The book of Leviticus in the Bible comes from the Greek translation of the scriptures called the 'Septuagint' where this particular boo ( Full Answer )
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When was leviticus written?

Leviticus was written in the desert when the Jews were wandering, about three or four thousand years ago..
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What is leviticus about?

Leviticus is mainly about rules the Israelites had to follow and is part of the bible
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What is the definition of Leviticus?

Literally, "Leviticus" means "of priests" (Kohanim). Leviticus (Vayikra) is the third book of the Torah (Five Books of Moses). It covers the topics of sacrifices, kosher-laws, ( Full Answer )
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Who was Leviticus written to?

Although Leviticus contains many parts that concern Kohanim, it is addressed to the entire Jewish people, who are expected to learn it together with the rest of God's Torah. ( Full Answer )
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How did leviticus get named?

I was taught in Sunday school some 40+ years ago that Leviticus meant "book of Levites". Books of Levities meant the laws of Levites of laws of preists(and preists helpers I w ( Full Answer )
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What does leviticus mean?

The word - Leviticus - means "relating to the Levites". The Book of Leviticus in the bible is about law and ritual - and the Levites (the descendants of Levi) were the priest ( Full Answer )
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What is leviticus 25 about?

Leviticus 25 is a chapter where the Lord is giving instructions to the Israelites on how they are to treat one another: with kindness and justice.
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What book is after leviticus?

The book of Numbers. The more appropriate Hebrew title is "in the wilderness", because it deals with the Israelites' preparations for leaving Sinai, journey from Sinai to Moab ( Full Answer )
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What is the theme of Leviticus?

What this world doesn't know, understand... or believe [ even ifanyone should bother to read it ]... is that when the LORD andKING Jesus Christ returns to earth to establish H ( Full Answer )