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In Elton John's song 'Levon' what does 'pauper to a pawn' mean?

  Get a dictionary and read some poetry. A pauper is simply a poor man. A pawn is someone who is being used by someone else. Soldiers in a war are often referred to as paw (MORE)

Is ed helms really missing a tooth?

Ed Helms is indeed missing a tooth. One of his teeth never grew in, so in lieu of a tooth, there is a permanent implant that he has had since he was 16. They had tried differe (MORE)
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What happened to the Matt Helm movie The Ravagers?

Dean Martin simply decided he no longer wanted to continue doing the role, so plans for the movie were scrapped. No other reason was ever given.
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Was Jesse Helms ever a Democrat?

Jesse Helms began as a "Dixiecrat", a southern Democrat that pushed  forward a racist agenda. When the Democratic Party changed focus  and became more liberall, Dixiecrats l (MORE)

Where can you find genji helm in crisis core?

  you are saying " where can you find the genji helm in crisis core" well you cant find it or recuve it in crisis core you have to buy it forĀ 1 million GIL. you can get i (MORE)

What lords of the rings has got the battle of helms deep in it?

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth I and II both have the  helms deep map. The first one has the actual battle reinactment of  helms deep, but the II game has better (MORE)

What is the helm on board a boat?

The helm on a boat refers to the location of the steering gear, and  the steering gear, itself.
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