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What is mumford and sons newest song?

Its hard to say, because they have so many that arn't on their album 'Sigh No More'. But, they have all been released on EP's except for Whispers In The Dark, so this is proba (MORE)
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What is the song the cave by mumford and sons about?

We talked about this in my Philosophy class, it is a direct reference to Plato's analogy of the cave. Basically, people have been kept in a cave for their whole life with chai (MORE)
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What instruments do Mumford and Sons use?

They use a very wide variety of instruments. Marcus primarily plays the acoustic guitar, bass drum, and tambourine with his feet using kick pedals, but I've also seen him play (MORE)

Are mumford and sons a christian band?

They are not labeled as a Christian band and in recent interviews, they have dispelled that rumour, but they do explore and use biblical imagery in many of their songs. I thin (MORE)

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