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What is the meaning of lexical semantics?

Lexical semantics is a branch of semantics which deal with meanings  and relations of words. This also includes the synonyms, antonyms  and hyponyms of different words.
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What is a sentence for lexical?

His lexical skills were far better than anyone in the  company.   This is an example of word for lexical.   The instructor defended throwing a book at me to wake me u (MORE)
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What is lexical density?

Lexical density is a term used in discourse (or text) analysis. It is used to measure the ratio of content words to grammatical words in any given text (spoken or written).  (MORE)

What is lexical analysis?

  A compiler is usually divided into different phases. The input to the compiler is the source program and the output is a target program. Lexical analyzer is the first (MORE)

What is lexical clues?

Lexical clues are clues found in someone's choice of words. A lexicon is a vocabulary. People know certain words and also have preferences as to which words they use most ofte (MORE)

What are the lexical elements of the C language?

Lexical elements are groups of characters that may legally appear in a source file. Common categories for lexical elements are keywords, numeric and alphanumeric constants, va (MORE)

What are the functions of lexical analyzer?

  The lexical analyzer function, named after rule declarations, recognizes tokens from the input stream and returns them to the parser.
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What is the lexical approach?

  This shouldn't be accepted without looking around a little bit more, but from what I know, the lexical approach is typically applied in psychology as a way of studying t (MORE)