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Who lead the battle of Leyte Gulf?

General Douglas MacArthur led the army invasion of Leyte. Admiral Chester Nimitz was overall commander of the Navy strategy from his base in Hawaii. Admiral Thomas Kincaid (MORE)
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Who were the leader involved october 1944 leyte gulf?

Americans: Admiral Clifton Sprague, Admiral William F. Halsey, Admiral Chester Nimitz, General Douglas MacArthur, and Vice Admiral Thomas Kinkald. Japanese: Vice Admiral Take (MORE)

What is the 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf?

The 1944 battle of Leyte Gulf was the battle to take the Gulf of Leyte. It was part of the Philippines campaign. During the battle, over 100 Japanese Kamikazes, filled with fu (MORE)

What is a gulf?

a narror water body that joins two large water bodies and separates  two land masses
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Was the leyte landing photo staged?

It was not staged. MacArthur went ashore several times in secret so as not to inform the Japanese of his presence on the beachhead to oversee the progress of the invasion. H (MORE)

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