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What are liabilities?

Liabilities are debts that a business owes.This is a term used in accounting to refer to legally bindingobligations that are payable to another person or entity (usuallylender (MORE)

What is a liability?

A liability is an obligation, money owed or perhaps a burden. A company or organisation has the liability to pay to outsiders such as creditors, accounts payable, long term lo (MORE)

Tortious liabilities and contractual liabilities?

LAW . A tortious liability is related to the duty of care, and negligence of that duty, with respect to persons with whom there is no contractual liability. For exampl (MORE)

What is liabilities and types of liabilities and there examples?

Liabilities are money or moneys owed to another individual or company by another. There are two main liability categories, Current Liabilities and Long-Term Liabilities. Cu (MORE)

Strict liability and tortuous liability?

Strict liability is a form of civil liability, similar to negligence. The main difference between strict liability and tortious liability is that you can be held liable for an (MORE)