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Who is liable for the debt of a dead person?

The estate is responsible for the debts of the deceased. If there are no assets in the estate, the debtors are not going to be able to collect. . This can be challenging. I (MORE)

Are you still liable for mortgage after foreclosure?

Only if the foreclosure is a court-ordered foreclosure. Answer The mortgage is extinguished by a foreclosure proceeding and sale but you may be liable for any deficiency and c (MORE)

Who is liable for the supply of necessaries to a minor?

No one is liable for the supply of necessaries to a minor. Only minors estate is liable. United States In the United States the parents are required to provide necessities of (MORE)

Who is liable when a car hits a horse?

It depends on where the accident occurred, if the animal was on a public roadway then the owner is responsible for any damage that was done to the vehicle and any injuries to (MORE)

Are you liable for any of your spouse's debt?

  Answer   Since his debt is tied to his assets (which you both share), his debt is your debt unless a court rules that it is not. Creditors can file a claim on his (MORE)
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When am I no longer liable for my children?

I believe that once they are eighteen your responsibility ends.  Though to abandon your children at any age is rather drastic and  not very nice. My three sons are in their (MORE)