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Is a witness to a signature liable?

  Not to the terms of the document - they are only saying that they saw the person identified of the document actually sign it. If they didnt, they are guilty of fraud.
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Who is liable when a car hits a horse?

It depends on where the accident occurred, if the animal was on a public roadway then the owner is responsible for any damage that was done to the vehicle and any injuries to (MORE)

Are you liable for any of your spouse's debt?

  Answer   Since his debt is tied to his assets (which you both share), his debt is your debt unless a court rules that it is not. Creditors can file a claim on his (MORE)

Is my wife liable for my tax debt?

  In depends.   If it was a joint return, then yes.   If it was a separate return or a return that was filed before you were married, then no.   Howev (MORE)

Am you liable for your husbands tax evasion?

In most cases, if you filed taxes jointly, you are liable for your  husband's tax evasion. You can file for an "innocent spouse" relief  that may protect you from some of th (MORE)
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When am I no longer liable for my children?

I believe that once they are eighteen your responsibility ends.  Though to abandon your children at any age is rather drastic and  not very nice. My three sons are in their (MORE)