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Who played Flynn in Shake it Up?

Davis Cleveland born February 5, 2002 Houston, Texas U.S. Occupation Actor Years Active 2008-present Davis Cleveland (born February 5, 2002) is an American actor. Hestars as t (MORE)

Were Joe Flynn and Errol Flynn related?

No.   Joe Flynn (1924-1974) played the desk-bound bespectacled Captain  Binghamton in Mchale's Navy. Errol Flynn (1909-1959) essayed  far more mobile and active action r (MORE)

How did the expression 'In like Flynn' come about?

In like Flynn   Dates back to 1945, refering to how easily movie star Errol Flynn could get women into bed with him.   See related Links for the real answer Hint: Its (MORE)
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Why was john flynn famous?

John Flynn (1880-1951) Reverend John Flynn was a minister of the church who worked as a missionary in outback South Australia and was in charge of the Australian Inland Miss (MORE)

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Did Errol Flynn have any children?

Here's the list: Sean Flynn by Lili Damita Flynn Deirdre and Rory Flynn (girls) by Nora Eddington Flynn Arnella Flynn by Patrice Wymore Flynn and according to one author, Jame (MORE)

How old is Candace Flynn?

In Comet Kermillian candace says "When I'm 88 you'll be so busted" Ferb says "you'll be 88 and ½." The comet kermillian comes every 73 ½ years. 88 ½ - 73 ½ 15
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