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What are Lianas?

Lianas are woody climbing plants that grow around other trees so  they can reach the top where the sunlight is to be found. Lianas  are depicted in the Tarzan story. He used (MORE)

Where are lianas located in?

The habitat of a liana is the rainforest and the tropical moist  deciduous forest. These vines can most commonly be found in the  tropics of Australia and Kauai, Hawaii.

Who is liana Viselli?

There are no documented world-famous persons named Liana Viselli.  Liana is a type of spring flower that grows to a relatively great  height while Viselli is an Italian last (MORE)

What are the lianas adaptations?

They use other trees to make their way to the canopy where they can photosynthesize and have maximum sunlight coverage. They are thin and flexible so they can make their way t (MORE)

How does liana survives in the tropical rainforest?

Lianas are vines that begin life on the ground as small self-supporting shrubs and rely on other plants to reach the light rich environment of the upper canopy. Because Lianas (MORE)
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Lianas and epiphytes?

Lianas = Woody vines Epiphytes = Plants that grow on other plants Both are plants.

What is lianas habitat?

Lianas are mostly likely to be found in the tropical moist deciduous forests and rainforests, as well as temperate rainforests of the world. 
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Why is an industry using lianas sustainable?

Lianas are a native species to the area, therefore Lianas do not need chemicals to grow. As Lianas are harvested without deforestation there is little or no impact to the wild (MORE)