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How are slander and libel the same?

Slander and libel are both types of defamation. Slander is spoken  defamation and libel is written defamation. Defamation is an  unprivileged, false statement of fact that c (MORE)

What is the difference between libel and slander?

They are very close to the same thing, but both have to do with defamation of character. Slander is spoken defamation, and libel is written, whether it is in the newspaper, a (MORE)

Ingredients of libel?

following are the main ingredients of libel: a:written statement. b:defamatory. c:false statement. d:injury. e:refer to the plaintiff. f:publication.
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What is civil libel?

Civil libel involves suing for damages; criminal libel involves punishment (if the accused is convicted) and not damages. In the U.K. prosecution on charges of criminal libel (MORE)

What does libel slander and resistance to order mean?

Libel is written and seen information that is false about a person  in an attempt to damage the reputation of that person. Slander is  the spoken communication of false info (MORE)

What is the group name for the song titled Satisfied Lyrics are It's the same old story everywhere I go. I get slandered libel I hear words I never heard in the Bible?

  The song is called "Keep the Customer Satisfied" and it's by Simon and Garfunkel from their "Bridge Over Troubled Water" album.
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What is a sentence for libel?

It is a crime to libel others, no matter how you feel about them .......... heres another sentence .. The celebrity accused her biographer of libel ..... thanks for reading ho (MORE)

Can you sue spouse for libel slander or defamation of character in ct?

my estranged wife under Oath made a written allegation on an  affidavit which subjected another person and me to having had a  sexual relationship when she was a minor. This (MORE)