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What is Liberalisation?

Liberalization is a political trend in which classical liberal policies are adopted, such policies are privatization of public industries. Conservatives and American Libertari (MORE)

What do you mean by liberalisation?

Liberalization denotes bureaucratic simplification, delicensing, privatisation and autonomy. Liberalization involves freeing prices, trade and entry from state controls.   (MORE)

Liberalisation privatization globalisation?

Liberalisation is to relax regulations on social or economic policies (usually economic). Privatisation is the process of transferring a public sector industry over to the p (MORE)

Advantages and disadvantages of liberalisation in india?

Advantages include free trade, cheap rates on goods. Disadvantages  are free trade can be misused by some. Though liberalization in  India helped in overall growth, it also (MORE)
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Disadvantage of liberalisation?

Trade reforms, even if beneficial for a country overall, may negatively affect some industries or some jobs and many commentators worry about negative effects on the environme (MORE)

Impact of liberalisation of insurance sector?

Impact of Liberalisation can be viewed as a two tier process, First is impact on overall functioning of the market and second is the impact on financial performance. When seen (MORE)