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What is Liberalism?

Historically, there have been many uses of the term liberal. Four popular conceptions include: philosophical liberal, originating during the Enlightenment period with philosop (MORE)

What is liberal?

Liberal has a couple of different meanings in political thought. . Classical liberalism: a focus on individual rights to liberty and property, and universal equality. This w (MORE)

What does a liberal do?

A liberal works to improve the quality of life for all people, not just their own cliche. A Liberal works to control the excesses of those unscrupulous individuals who would d (MORE)

Why are there liberals?

As people grow in knowledge and wisdom, they learn to care about others instead of just copying the clan mentality of our prehistoric ancestors. This enlightenment enables int (MORE)

How to get liberation?

In theory, liberation is very simple. All that is required is letting go of all one's attachments, including attachments to all egocentric thoughts, desires, and emotions. S (MORE)

Who was Liber?

Liber (the free one) or Liber Pater (the free Father) was the god of viticulture and wine, fertility and freedom. He was a patron god of the plebeians and was part of their Av (MORE)

What is liber?

There are a few possibilities: 1) liber, libera, liberum: Free 2) liber, liberi, m: Child 3) liber, libri, m: Book (the peeled off bark of a tree) 4) Liber, Liberi, m: An a (MORE)