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What is a libido?

Answer . Basically, in standard terms, libido means a person's sex drive or desire for sexual intercourse. However, the more technical definitions of libido (as a source, (MORE)
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How do you improve your libido?

We are often surrounded by the idea that men always want sex. But a man's libido is very complicated and very individual. Sexual hormones play a great role in stimulation in b (MORE)
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How can you increase libido?

Check with your doctor first. Reduce stress and relax. Eat right. . Healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular exercise can help you increase your sex drive. You may als (MORE)
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Is there a female libido?

Libido -- in its most general form -- means sexual desire. So yes, there is such thing as female libido.
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How can you improve by libido?

It depends upon whether you are a man or woman. Sometimes its hormonal so see a doctor. It could be stress, being overweight, what you eat, etc.

How do you kill your libido?

There two tried and tested ways of reducing your libido, to kill it entirely would make you less of a person, as it is part of who we are and necessary for the procreation of (MORE)
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How can libido be improved?

Ways to improve libido: 1. Regular exercise. 2. Avoid smoking. 3. Avoid stress. 4. Eat foods that enhance libido such as chocolate, watermelon, oyster, asparagus and a (MORE)

What is a low libido?

Libido is your sex drive, in other words, your desire to have sexual intercourse. If you have a low libido, it just means that you don't really care if you have sex or not. It (MORE)