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Why do you want to be a librarian?

A librarian works indoors, usually in a smoke-free, air-conditioned  and quiet environment.   The work is light- no heavy lifting and no dangerous machinery and  no dang (MORE)

Is Librarian capitalized?

It is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence or when it forms part of the proper noun or when it precedes a person's name or when it is used as a direct address. Examp (MORE)

What are the duties of a librarian?

  The traditional concept of a library is being redefined from a place to access paper records or books to one that also houses the most advanced electronic resources, inc (MORE)

What are the qualities of good reference librarian?

Being really organized and being well read and have a thirst for knowledge and learning new things, even outside your personal realm of interests. The person should be able to (MORE)

Qualities of a good librarian?

  A "good librarian" is someone whose existence is recognized by the reader/ user/ customer. This is the most basic. Be it seen or heard, your presence must be made known (MORE)

What is a librarian?

A librarian a professional library worker. In most cases, a librarian holds at least a Master's degree in Library Science from an ALA-accredited library school. He or she may (MORE)

How do librarians use math?

They have to create budgets to spend on supply's and new books. They also have to count late fees and if they are a library with programs they have to count how many sign up a (MORE)