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What is a library?

A library is a place where published material (books,periodicals, newspapers, music and videos, etc.) are kept for useor lending; a room in a private home for such a collectio (MORE)

What do you do in a library?

    Look for books and read them i(n the library or take them to the desk and check them out). Nowadays, these are the things that you can do in the library:    (MORE)

Library and history library?

1) Yes. Both are good things, I'll take them. 2) Yes. There are also medical libraries, art libraries, music libraries, and more! 3) If you need the history of libraries, then (MORE)

How are library books organised in a library?

Generally, fiction (i.e. novels) are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name, and non-fiction (i.e. books on specific topics) are arranged by subject categories. The (MORE)