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What is licensing?

licensing is the practice of leasing a legally protected property such as trademark to another party in conjunction with a product,service or promotion.

When can you get your license?

  depends on the state your in. and it depends if your talkin about a limited license, junior license or senior. in NY u get ur permit at 16, drive 20 hours and u can get (MORE)
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When do you get a license?

It depends on your state. You usually can get your first learning permit at age 15 after completing Drivers' Ed. You might be able to get a drivers' license at 16, but that de (MORE)

What can you do when you get your license?

You can do legally what ever your license says you can do, be it fish, hunt, drive motorcycles, etc.
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Is it drivers license or drivers license?

"Licence" is the spelling common to Commonwealth countries (Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.". "License" is the spelling used in the United States of Ame (MORE)

Where can you get your license?

Drivers License: at your nearest DMV Marriage License: to marry people you get that online, to marry someone else i believe you can do that in court or by a pastor
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