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Where you get handyman license?

Depends on your state. Here in CT you would be a Home improvement contractor and Would get it from the Dept Consumer protection. No test, just throw money at the state.   (MORE)

Where can you get an insurance license?

In the United States, each state has its own regulating authority (51 jurisdictions in all); usually referred to as the Department of Insurance. You will be required to obtai (MORE)

Can you get a cdl license if you have points on your license?

Yes. Your chances of finding employment as a CDL driver are a different matter, however. Most employers will not hire you if you have more than three points in the last three (MORE)

How i get from of export license?

Export licence consultancy available And also A to Z of Export import matters. Export - Import Services DEPB LICENCE GOODS LICENSE TRADE CONSULTANT EXPORT CODE CONSULTANT COD (MORE)

Do you have to have an insurance license?

If you want to sell insurance, you would first need to acquire an insurance license in the state in which you wish to work (non-resident licenses are available for out-of-stat (MORE)