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Where you find Licentiate examination question paper?

Hi Wish you will do well in your exam, however would like to say I have few sample question papers of licentiate & associate 5-8 previous exams if it can help you can contac (MORE)
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Can you put licentiousness in a sentence?

  Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness. (said by George Washington)   The slave girl is reared in an atmosphere o (MORE)

What is a sentence with licentious?

The term "licentious" means "to be lawless or unprincipled" and is  used to denote negative behavior or thinking (etc.) of all kinds.  One example-sentence for it would be t (MORE)

Who pays for Bianca's and licentious wedding in taming of the shrew?

Describing Lucentio as "Licentious" is very amusing, and not without some truth. The feast is at the house of Baptista, the father of the bride, who we will assume bears the c (MORE)