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Who licked you?

The question of "who licked you" might be pretty common if you have  several dogs in your home. Dogs often lick a person to show  affection.

Why does your bunny lick you?

Your bunny may be licking you because he's showing affection to how much he loves you. However, even though it may sound wierd, he might be tasting you to see if your "chewabl (MORE)

Can chickens lick?

No, a chicken cannot lick. The tongue of a chicken is not long  enough to lick anything. The tongue is used to help them swallow.

Why do bunnies lick?

  Answer   Rabbit Behavior: Licking by a rabbit is: a show of affection; a need for salt (speculation); because they groom themselves more than cats. If the rabbit (MORE)

Why does your dog lick you?

A dog licks you as a sign of submission, he knows you are higher up in the hierarchy of the pack than him, so he licks you as a way of saying "you're the boss, I love you". Th (MORE)

Why does your cat lick you?

Grooming you(probably because he or she likes you),some times while your petting them they get happy and start purring and licking you If cats are salt-deprived they lick peo (MORE)

Why is your cat licking you?

Cats lick people as a way of showing care and affection. Or if you have food on yourself then they take it that you left there for them and they want to eat it off of you.
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Why do dogs lick?

Dog's lick for food or when they want food. It is no kind of action to show that it loves you dogs do that throughout sniffing. actually because it is a habbit and they also (MORE)

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