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Monostatic lidar priniciple?

echolocation! sorta... . The principle of a monostatic lidar is that it projects a laser beam from a machine. That machine then receives a reflected signal. Strong signals (MORE)

What is a Bistatic lidar?

Answer . There are basically two configurations of lidars-monostatic and bistatic monostatic is one in which the transmitter(LASER) and the receiver(telescope) have the (MORE)

How accurate are radar and lidar detectors?

I don't like to be without one. They will let you know the cops are near your car with some limitations. 1. Instant on is hard to beat unless the cop can't keep his finger (MORE)

What is the difference between radar and lidar?

Radar (radio detection and ranging) and Lidar (light detection and ranging), Radar:- Radar units transmit radio waves at a designated frequency that reflect off of a moving ta (MORE)