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What is li?

The word "li" is a chinese word for a measure of distance equal to about three tenths of a mile. It is also can be a first,middle,or last name, but some people spell it Li ( Full Answer )
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What is elfen lied?

Elfen Lied is a very gory, sadistic, and sexual anime/manga that that was made by Lynn Okamoto. It focuses on the much deeper animal instincts of the human mind. The basi ( Full Answer )
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What are lies?

Lies are false statements that are made with intent to deceive. A simple false statement is not sufficient to constitute a lie. There must be the additional intention to decei ( Full Answer )
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Which is larger Li or Li plus?

Li is bigger because it is closer to being a less reactive element, it is closer reach to the noble gases.
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What are secular lies?

Secular lies are either untruths having to do with non-religious topics (Beethoven did not write any symphonies), or beliefs/theories that can't be shown to be based in religi ( Full Answer )
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Who was Li Bo and Li Qingzhao?

Li Bo is a famous poet and statesman in Tang dynasty, China. Li Qingzhao is the first female Chinese poet of the Song dynasty.
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What synonyms to lies rhymes with lies?

Some words that rhyme with lies are: . eyes . pies . cries . dies . allies . rye . defies . dries . dye . my . advies . bye . guy . arise . baptize . prize . ( Full Answer )
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What do white lies mean lies?

White lies mean small lies like no big lies. If you say I like the color purple and I say I do to but I really don't that is no a big lie
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What has the author Li Li written?

Li Li has written: 'Bie hou' 'Le yuan bu xia yu =' -- subject(s): Chinese, Chinese fiction, Fiction 'Bei huai shu jian' -- subject(s): Chinese Authors, Correspondence ( Full Answer )