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What is a lien?

A lien is a right or interest a creditor has in another's property.The lien lasts until the debt is paid or until any statute oflimitations for the particular type of lien has ( Full Answer )
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Can you attach a lien to a lien?

Answer . Laws vary by state and my comments are based on California law. There are many procedures that might apply depending on the type of lien you are referring to. If ( Full Answer )
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What does a lien do?

A lien prevents the encumbered property from being sold, refinanced or conveyed in any manner. The above answer isn't correct. Property can be sold, refinanced and conveyed ( Full Answer )
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What is a property lien?

When property taxes go unpaid, the city holds an annual auctionoffering individuals looking to buy investment property topurchases as many tax liens as they want. When you pur ( Full Answer )
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What is a lien on a home?

A lien is a legal right or interest that a creditor has in another's property that lasts until the debt or duty that it secures is satisfied.There are voluntary and involuntar ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a lien?

You must have "something" that is defendible in court giving you rights to lien. What that something is depends upon the reason you want to lien. You should refer to the state ( Full Answer )
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What is a bailee lien?

Bailee's Lien is : Well a Lien is; Basically a lien is a legal instrument giving a person, business, etc , and then look up Bailee and their's your answer. : ) Your Welcome. ( Full Answer )
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Judgment liens are what type of lien?

A Judgment Lien is a lien placed on property by a creditor to recover a certain sum of money granted by a judgment awarded in court. The property can not be sold legally while ( Full Answer )
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What type of lien is a Mechanic's lien?

A Mechanic's Lien is also known as a Construction Lien. Construction Lien rights are available to anyone providing material, labor or services for the improvement or repair of ( Full Answer )
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What a lawsuit lien?

They put a partial claim on a peice of property like a car or house that must be satisfied when sold to obtain clear title. For example a finance co has a lien on your car unt ( Full Answer )