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How do you win in life?

You win in life by being true to who you are; not trying to be something you're not. You win in life by always striving for improvement, learning new things, and meeting new p (MORE)

What was the life of Persephone?

Persephone is both Queen of the Underworld and Spring: a goddess who is immortal so she does not age or die, but every year spends duel time on Earth/Olympus or the Underworld (MORE)

Why have life assurance?

  At the very least, the reason for life assurance is to allow your survivors money to take care of your funeral and any other issues surrounding your death.   To put i (MORE)

What is life about?

In my point of view life is about doing good things to go to heaven and also living. If you want a life, live it! Save water, environment, etc!    Life is about finding h (MORE)
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What is half life?

Either... 1. The time it takes half of the atoms of an isotope to decay. 2. One of the first 3D games, made by Valve, taking place in an underground research facility calle (MORE)

Did Mars have life?

no ACTULLY,maybe before life on earth,when the sun was hotter,and  that may mean that mars had the same temp. than earths then.Plus  there is froezen caps on mars,and maybe (MORE)

How is life as a florist?

During a typical day, a florist will check inventory (flowers, containers, oasis, ribbon, wire, cards, wrap, etc.) and order flowers (taking into consideration weddings, , imp (MORE)