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What is the answer to life?

Answer . Read the scriptures, both The Bible and The Book of Mormon. . Answer According to Douglas Adams, Fiction Writer: . 42 . Answer . According to the Christi (MORE)
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What is life science?

Life Science is... . The Study of life and it's surroundings . Life science is the study of living things. Cells, plants, animals, humans, and more, are all important to the (MORE)
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How does life science affect your life?

Science affects the lives of everybody by putting things into extremes, both in comfort and discomfort. For instance, by using science humanity has acquired better medicine to (MORE)

What is moral life?

A moral life refers to a person's life who has attempted to do the  right thing. Morals are determined and accepted by the culture and  the standards that the culture expect (MORE)

What is life about?

In my point of view life is about doing good things to go to heaven and also living. If you want a life, live it! Save water, environment, etc!    Life is about finding h (MORE)
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How is life is formed from non life?

Currently no one has been able to create life from "non life" elements. There is a lab at the Harvard medical school that is attempting to do just that. To date and with limit (MORE)

What do you achieve in your life?

'Your greatest achievement' may be part of an answer to the interview questions - tell me about yourself. If you don't include this part in your answer, the interviewer may (MORE)
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Was life created from non life?

Most of the scientist are of d opinion that life originated fromlifeless ( inanimate ) matter known as theory of abiogenic originor chemical evolution of life . Since this the (MORE)

What does the phrase life for life means?

It means so far you are living then enjoy your life by all means as if you are not going to die and/or to have a Resurrection Day when you will judged in front of God and then (MORE)