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Why can't jupiter support life?

There are many reasons why Jupiter can't support life. For one thing, Jupiter has no surface. It's basically a giant ball of hydrogen and helium, as well as traces of methane, (MORE)

Is Venus able to support life?

It's hard to outright say "no". However, we've never found any  signs of any, and it's considered unlikely because much of the  atmosphere can fairly be described as "boilin (MORE)

Is Pluto able to support life?

No. Life has to be based on carbon, as this is the only element in the universe whose atoms are able to join onto themselves in sufficient quantities to produce large comple (MORE)
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If someone is on life support are they awake?

They can be or they may not be. Someone who is intubated and placed on ventilation could be awake, kept sedated or be in a coma. It depends on what is going on with the patien (MORE)
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How do ecosystems support life?

Ecosystems are life. Each animal and plant and human within an ecosystem depends on the other to survive. Eg. Plants are eaten by insects. Insects eaten by birds. Birds eaten (MORE)