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What is lifestyle?

It is the way a person lives their life. For instance a person may lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating right. Other people may lay on the couch all day (MORE)

What is your lifestyle?

My lifestyle is busy but still healthy. Even if I have a hectic schedule, I still make it a point to eat healthy and exercise few times a week.

What was his lifestyle?

Hello, I am Hephaestus (Heh-FIGH-stəs). My symbols are fire, the hammer, the anvil, the axe, the forge and the sacred animal of mine is the donkey. I am "lame" or have weak (MORE)
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Lifestyle what is modern lifestyle?

modern lifestyle means based on scientific analysis and fact crate a homogeneous group that means according to a land management ,time management,transporting system ,technolo (MORE)

What is Manitoba's lifestyle?

Manitoba exists (and does it well) in two distinct and very different worlds. The province itself has an area of 250,950 square miles and over 1,232,654 residents with a singl (MORE)

What was the lifestyle of the mughals?

Mughals lived a life of luxury. Their palaces in which they lived were faboulously made. They had many wives. They were very fond of music and dance. They had big gardens and (MORE)

What was the lifestyle of the stegosaurs?

Stegosaurus was a large herbivore. Like large herbivores today, they probably spent almost their entire day foraging. They also would have drank some water every day and slept (MORE)

What is the lifestyle of a teenager?

Honestly, they are all different. Some, like the more popular group, sneak out, have parties, and other bad things (usually). The more insecure/looked down on group, usually j (MORE)