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What is lift?

Lift is the upward force resulting from the difference in thepressure between the upper and lower surfaces of a wing. Lift is topick up and move to a different position.

Has anyone lifted you?

Yes I've been lifted a lot by the following people. my sister Bethany. my 2 coustins Jennifer and Chris. my uncle Kenny. my aunt Marilyn. but I think it's pretty fun and (MORE)

How does a lift work?

The pulley in the mechanical device work together to make the lift move up and down. Counter weights.

What is lifts?

Many things. In England, it is what Americans call an elevator. It can be something worn inside your shoes to make you a fraction of an inch taller. It can be the equipment a (MORE)
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How do you lift the deck?

You can use a jack to lift it but make sure the decks footings are able to be lifted and aren't screwed in to something that won't move with the deck. Also make sure the jack (MORE)

What is a car lift?

A car lift is when a person fixes a car and they have to use thehydraulic car lift to raise the car so they can work on it. You mayalso be referring to car lift kit, which may (MORE)

What is the force of lift?

The force of lift is what makes airplanes fly. It results from an effect called the Bernoulli Effect when air passes over and airfoil, a surface which is curved on the top and (MORE)

How do you get lift?

You get lift when the flow of air over the top of a wing or helicopter blade is less than the flow undr the wing, and it pushes it up