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What is ancillary ligand?

An ancillary ligand is a ligand on a chemical complex that is not directly involved in the chemistry. Ancillary ligands are often there to help stabilize a complex or contribu (MORE)

What are negative ligands?

Any negatively charged species that is able to donate its lone pair to the metal is called a negative ligand. For example, Cl- , Br-, SO4-2, C2O4-2. The name of the ligand wil (MORE)

What is pi acid ligand?

A example of a pi acid ligand is carbon monoxide(CO). CO is a good pi acceptor (lewis acid) due to empty pi* orbitals and a good sigma donor (lewis acid)**. When bonding to a (MORE)
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Is a ligand a hormone?

yes a ligand is anything that can change the conformation of a receptor protein. hormones bind to proteins in the same way ligands do
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What are multi dentate ligands?

  the ligands which are capable of donating two or more pairs of electron in a complexation reaction
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What is the definition of ligand exchange?

A ligand exchange reaction is exactly what it says - a reaction in which one ligand in a complex ion is replaced by a different one.   When a precipitate is formed in a sol (MORE)

What is ambidentate ligand?

Ambidentate ligand:- Some ligands coordinated to CMI through any one of the two donar atoms.such ligand are called ambidentate ligands. e.g. -SCN &-NCS -NO2 &-ONO. By-MAHESH T (MORE)

What type of ligand is PPh3?

It is a neutral ligand donating two electrons to the overall valence electron count of the molecule. Also known as triphenylphosphine; the phosphorous has three bonds to pheny (MORE)