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What is mening of Ligand?

an atom, ion or molecule that can donate a pair of electrons to a metal ion

Is a ligand a hormone?

yes a ligand is anything that can change the conformation of a receptor protein. hormones bind to proteins in the same way ligands do

What are negative ligands?

Any negatively charged species that is able to donate its lone pair to the metal is called a negative ligand. For example, Cl - , Br - , SO 4 -2 , C 2 O 4 -2 . The name of (MORE)

What is a ditopic ligand?

The ditopic ligands are mainly represented by N-, P-, O-, and S-containing organic molecules or their N, O-, N, S-, and N, P-combinations with azine, azole, amine, azide, (MORE)

What is ancillary ligand?

An ancillary ligand is a ligand on a chemical complex that is not directly involved in the chemistry. Ancillary ligands are often there to help stabilize a complex or contribu (MORE)

Why are multidentate ligands preferred to unidentate ligands in complexometric titrations?

Entropic advantage: [Cu(H 2 O) 6 ] 2+ + EDTA > [Cu(EDTA)] 2+ +6H 2 O Count your moles: Left side, 2 moles. Right side, 7 moles. The universe like to move from order (MORE)

What is ambidentate ligand?

Ambidentate ligand:- Some ligands coordinated to CMI through any one of the two donar atoms.such ligand are called ambidentate ligands. e.g. -SCN &-NCS -NO2 &-ONO. By-MAHESH T (MORE)

What is is an enantiotopic ligand?

A "ligand" is a word for a group of atoms stuck on a central point(atom) in a molecule (a chiral centre). An "enantiomer" is a molecule that exhibits stereo isomerism(mirror i (MORE)