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How can you lighten your hair?

you could use lemon juice and sunlight as a natural way to lightenit. but it is also very damaging. so is beach filled hair dyes.when I personally chose to lighten my black ha (MORE)
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Can paint be lightened?

Sure you can add amounts of white paint to dark coloured paint to make it lighter the amount of white added determines shade of lighter colour
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How can you lighten your armpits?

When you pluck you armpits, it leaves very small cuts you can't see and when they heal, they become dark. So after you pluck, use rubbing alcohol.

How do you lighten you skin?

There's A few ways you can lighten your skin 1. Bleaching cream ( I wouldn't recommend this cause might cause cancer) 2. Lemon Facials 3. Avoid the sun 4. Go to a derm (MORE)
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What can lighten your hair?

Cut a lemon in half and squeeze one half into a bowl. Squeeze the other half into the bowl and place on your hair, leave it in for as long as you like. If you want your hair (MORE)

How do you lighten a car?

You could replace some steel body parts like the fenders or a hood with fiberglass replacements. Remove the rear seat if it has one. Replace front seats with light weight one (MORE)