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How can you lighten your hair?

you could use lemon juice and sunlight as a natural way to lighten  it. but it is also very damaging. so is beach filled hair dyes.  when I personally chose to lighten my bl (MORE)

How to lighten Blue Jeans?

It's very easy. Just use bleach but you have to be very careful.  let washer fill with water and agitate it in before you throw in  the jeans by themselves. Err on the side (MORE)

How do you lighten scars?

You can lighten scars by using either home remedies or over the counter whitening creams. Those who want to lighten scars the natural way can use lemon juice (leave it on for (MORE)
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Does honey lighten your hair?

Yes. Honey does lighten your hair. Though it can be very messy and depending on what type of hair you have can damage it.

Can you lighten your period?

Yes it is possible to lighten your period, granted it's just a hormonal thing going on. One way is to drink lots of water during your period. I'm not sure why this works, but (MORE)

How do you lighten the skin?

There are lots of natural ingredients you can use at home to lighten skin tone. Lemon juice, turmeric powder, almonds and potatoes are just a few. You can make a skin lighteni (MORE)
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What are the effects of hair structure for lightening?

Lighteners/Bleach remove or diffuse the melanin in your hair. When the mixture is added to the hair it breaks the melanin down into small pieces before removing or diffusing t (MORE)

What is a good skin lightening cream?

Two good kin lightening creams are Meladerm Cream and Clinique. The Meladerm Cream is more of a specialty product that can be purchased online. Clinique can be purchased at an (MORE)

How do you lighten you skin?

There's A few ways you can lighten your skin   1. Bleaching cream ( I wouldn't recommend this cause might cause  cancer)   2. Lemon Facials   3. Avoid the sun  (MORE)
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What is the purpose of skin lightening treatment?

Differin  gel is an effective medication used in the treatment of acne.  It contains Generic Adapalene topical as an active key  component that helps to reduce the severity (MORE)