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What is lightweight foam concrete?

  trinity trade foamed concrete   Concrete foam insulation is 100% Fireproof and that is one its major selling points over other forms of home insulation.   It is al (MORE)

What do you get for lightweight pro perk?

When you finish the challenge "Lightweight Pro IV" under the "Perks" section, the perk Lightweight upgrades to Lightweight Pro. Lightweight Pro allows the player to raise thei (MORE)

Why thread is called lightweight task?

A: It's been a while since I've heard anyone refer to a thread as a lightweight task. The name however requires you understand what a task and what a thread is. A task is a (MORE)

Do you need a lightweight rug for your pony?

If you can keep your horse all natural, with no clipping, rugs or stalls, then he will be perfectly fine, if not happier and healthier, without a rug. So, no, you do not NEED (MORE)

Why do things need to be lightweight in space?

Objects sent into space need to be made as lightweight as possible due to the huge cost. A large amount of fuel is needed to achieve the required escape velocity and orbital s (MORE)

Is brass lightweight?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It depends on the weight percent copper and zinc used in it.
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