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What is the weight limit for lightweight crew?

    At international level for crew boats the limits are:   Men: Crew average 70 kg (154 lb) - no rower over 72.5 kg (159 lb)   Women: Crew average 57 kg (125 lb (MORE)

What is lightweight framework and heavyweight framework?

  Lightweight framework do not have to depend on framework interfaces or abstract classes to hook or instantiate components into them. Heavyweight frameworks on the other (MORE)

Why thread is called lightweight process?

A thread is similar to a separate process, in that it can do stuff (process) independently of other threads. But it is lightweight, since the operating system doesn't have to (MORE)
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Why are bones lightweight but strong?

Easy. Bones are strong because they contain tightly packed minerals. Yet, they are lightweight because their core contains spongy bone. Hope this helped!