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How do you get her to like you?

How to get a girl to like you . First and foremost, DO NOT try to be macho. Generally girls HATE that. We can see though you like a sheer blouse in a wet t-shirt contest. (MORE)

How do you get her to not like him?

Leave her and him alone. It's not your place to try to ruin a relationship. Also causing other people emotional pain, just so you can get your way with someone else is truly b (MORE)

How can you get him to like you?

Don't try to get him to like you. This is going to sound so tiresome, just be yourself, if he doesn't like you for who you are, then he wasn't worth knowing after all. eh (MORE)

How do you get her to like me?

You can't really get somebody to like u but if u just b urself around her she'll like u 4 who u r. and flirt a bit but don't over do it. if she has done somin differe (MORE)
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What you like to do?

tackle my brother and relax and play alittle bit too.. tackle my brother and relax and play alittle bit too.

How will you no if he likes you?

Well, There are many signs of a guy liking they are: 1. He will talk to you a lot 2. If you look at him and he quikly looks away, he might like you 3. He s (MORE)

Does he like me or does he not?

I like this guy and were kinda friends. we pretty much never talknow after I confessed but sometimes, very rarely, we might have alittle conversation on text and he complement (MORE)

Does she like me?

Lately I met this old classmate, we exchanged numbers and went on adate. I liked her. 3 days later I sent her an SMS saying I missedher and wanted to see her again. She said s (MORE)