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How can an accessible complaints procedure reduce the likelihood of abuse?

. Complaints are good way of considering how well the services are provided, it also helps us to identify if there are any weaknesses e.g. potential for abuse and neglect. A (MORE)
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What is the likelihood of dying while bungee jumping?

If you do it at a sanctioned jumping facility. With personnel that are trained. You have a better chance of being struck by lightening twice inside a rubber building. Safety r (MORE)

What is the likelihood an American or Japanese Bobtail cat will be a lap cat?

This is some info I found from 2 sites. -You will often find your cat on top of cupboards or on the fridge busy exploring the world from high up. This cat breed is not a lap (MORE)

What is the likelihood that there will be any way to stop the flow of the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico?

Nothing in this world is 100% certain, but I'd say that BP's efforts to ultimately be successful in capping the Maconda well is about as certain as it gets. BP is simultaneou (MORE)

What is full information maximum likelihood?

Full information maximum likelihood is almost universallyabbreviated FIML, and it is often pronounced like "fimmle" if"fimmle" was an English word. FIML is often the ideal too (MORE)