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What is the likelihood of working in virology?

Virology is a growing field and with a lot of viral diseases still without cure, the need for virologists is stable (maybe even growing). However, the likelyhood of someone wo (MORE)

What is the likelihood that your girlfriend is pregnant?

Her period ending the day before makes it more risky but wiping it off should not lead to pregnancy and especially since it was pre-ejaculation ( the correct word if you don't (MORE)

What is the likelihood of cyclone Tracy recurring?

Cyclone Tracy itself will never recur. Cyclones cannot regenerate decades after they have dissipated. There is, however, a very high chance that a cyclone of Tracy's magnit (MORE)

What is full information maximum likelihood?

Full information maximum likelihood is almost universallyabbreviated FIML, and it is often pronounced like "fimmle" if"fimmle" was an English word. FIML is often the ideal too (MORE)

How do you reduce the likelihood of discrimination?

Discrimination is a broad term. It would help a lot if you actually specify what type of discrimination you are asking about. Generally, all if not most discrimination stems (MORE)
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What is the meaning of the word likelihood?

In statistics, a likelihood function (often simply likelihood) is a function of a statistical model. The likelihood of a set parameter values, given outcomes x, is equal to th (MORE)