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Who was Lilith?

Lilith is most commonly seen in judaism, though prior to that she's been sighted in many ancient middle eastern cultures. Naturally she has acquired many names: Lilith, lilitu (MORE)

Who is Lilith?

Lilith is the apocryphal first wife of Adam in The Isla-Judeo-Christian tradition. (Apocryphal means she does not appear in approved religious texts). She is also a character (MORE)

Who is Lilith in The Bible?

Lilith doesn't really show up in the Bible but her presence is sometimes inferred because of the two versions of God creating man in the beginning.
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Why was Lilith evil?

  Lilith was not evil, but later was "converted" to evil by the Jewish and Christian patriarchy. In ancient myth, she represented the empowerment of women. She was definit (MORE)
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Is Lilith real?

If u are reading this u know the truth. Lilith isn't real, but she is im a witch what u need to do is....?
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Where did lilith live?

There are many legends about Lilith with different locations given, including the Garden of Eden, Heaven or the spirit world, mesopotamia/sumer, and many other places.
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What is the spirit of Lilith?

Depends whom you ask. In Medieval Judaism, Lillith is the mother of night-weirds and evil dreams. To some modern feminists, Lillith represents the spirit of women's equality w (MORE)