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What is lille famous for?

Lille is a lively city in northern France, close to the Belgian border. It is connected to Paris and Bruxelles by a high-speed rail link. It is the birthplace of the General D (MORE)

Why is Lille important?

Well, there are a lot of tourist attractions in Lille. Also, Lille is the hometown of the General De Gaulle. It is a historic town with numerous restaurants and monuments.
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In France

Bad things about Lille?

the weather is not always as good as in center or southern France. The A25 motorway is regularly clogged at rush hour.
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What region is Lille in?

Lille (French pronunciation: [lil] ( listen); Dutch: Rijsel) is a city in northern France. It is the principal city of the Lille Métropole, the fourth-largest metropolitan ar (MORE)