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How do you preserve lilies?

Lilies are difficult to preserve because of their high moisture content. Drying them (the most common preservation method) yeilds poor results. The reason is that the large pe (MORE)

Where do lilys grow?

There are about 100 species, mainly from wooded habitats and scrub in Europe, South Asia to the Philippines and North America. There are innumerable garden varieties which wil (MORE)

What is 'lily' in Spanish?

"Lirio" or "Azucena" may be Spanish equivalents of "lily" (Lilium spp). The Spanish word "lirio" is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is "el" ("the"). Its sing (MORE)
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Is a lily a monocot?

  Answer   a lily is a monocot, has parallel veining,
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What is a lily pad?

  a lilly pad is a big circular leaf/plant that grows at the bottom of the pond or lake and grows up to the surface of the water. frogs like to sit on them
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Who is lili simmons?

Lili Simmons is an actress and model that is currently famous for  her portrayal of Rebecca Bowman in the Cinemax show, "Banshee." She  has been an ad model for Ford, J.C. P (MORE)