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What are lilies?

lillies are flowers... I think you already know that... heres a link if you wanted to look at one...

Is it guilding the lily or guilding the lily?

The answer is that it is neither "guilding" the lily or not the correct phrase and spelling is " gilding the lily " 'to gild' is to coat an object (in this case a lily) wi (MORE)

What is a lily pad?

  a lilly pad is a big circular leaf/plant that grows at the bottom of the pond or lake and grows up to the surface of the water. frogs like to sit on them
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How are lilies pollinated?

Lillies are pollinated by insects. However humans will cross  pollinate to make new cultivars. Usually they will use a Q tip to  spread the pollen.
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Do lilies spread?

Lilies will spread but not very quickly. It takes a while for the  bulb to grow a bulblet and eventually another bulb.
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Where is lili on panfu?

To find Lili, go to San Franpanfu. Then go to the beauty parlor on the left (you must be a level 2 panda to access the beauty parlor). He will be on the right.
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What is Lily syndrome?

Lily Syndrome (also know as Lily Bulb Disorder) is a pathological condition illustrated in the Chinese medical text, Essentials from the Golden Cabinet. It describes a host of (MORE)