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What is limbo?

Limbo is supposedly a place of the in-between. its not heaven nor hell, apparently if you are injured and bleeding badly or have a fast paced, life threatening disease and you (MORE)

What is limbo of the hells?

  Limbo is the the first of nine circles of hell where non-christian people or people who havent had christ in their lives go.... It's basically just a very dark rocky was (MORE)
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Where is limbo poem from?

"Limbo" is a poem by Edward Kamau Brathwaite, a carribean poet in the 1930s about slavery and the boat journey of slaves being transfered from their native countries. Limbo (MORE)
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What happens in limbo?

No body knows exactly, its just the state between hevean and hell, life and death, where babys who avnt been babtised go. wow ok to the dip sh*t dumb azz whom answered the ab (MORE)
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Put somebody on limbo or on the limbo?

When one is 'in limbo' s/he is unable to complete a task. The person is kept waiting without information sufficient to carry on or return. For example, when you make a telepho (MORE)

What is the history of limbo?

  1. (If you mean limbo as in the dance) The word 'limbo' as used to denote a form of dance only dates back to the 1950s. Limbo is a West Indian English derivative of 'lim (MORE)
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Who is graffiti limbo about?

The songwriter, Michelle Shocked, says the song is specifically about Michael Stewart. Michael was a young graffiti artist who was arrested while writing. While under arrest (MORE)