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Is Slake's limbo also a movie?

It's called 'Runaway' created in 1989, but you'll notice it's thesame story, and the main character is Aremis Slake.
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What rhymes with LIMBO?

bimbo kimbo definition of kimbo: with hands on hips and elbows extending outward
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Who was the character in the Slake's Limbo?

slake-main character willis joe whinny- motorman destined to be sheep-herder lily- willis's wife wilma and joe- willis's kids waitress and manager- work at the local diner sla (MORE)
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What is limbo of the just?

  a waiting place before u go to heaven, but only exist before the time of Jesus Christ ( Catholic doctrine ) ex : All righteous man like the prophet Abraham, Moses etc. (MORE)

Is the limbo Hawaiian?

Aloha. No the limbo is not Hawai`ian. Too bad; it is fun! It originated in the island Trinidad. Before it bacame a party dance, it was associated with wakes in rural areas. (MORE)
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Does a purgatory equals to limbo?

There is no mention of the term Purgatory in Christian scripture. However the dictionary says "A temporary condition of torment or suffering". If we go by this meaning then it (MORE)