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How limestone is extracted?

Limestone is extracted through mining. Shims and wedges are driveninto the limestone creating a fracture, making extraction rathersimple.
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What is limestone?

Limestone: Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate: CaCO 3 ). A type of limestone known as dolomite is composed of calci (MORE)

What can you use limestone for?

>Limestone is used in buildings and roads. >Limestone can be used in glass making. >Limestone is used in toothpaste. >Limestone is used in cement and mortar. >Limeston (MORE)
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Where do you get limestones from?

The hard shells of living things produce some kinds of limestone. How dopes limestone form? Limestone forms in the ocean, many living things, including coral, clams, oysters, (MORE)
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What is limestone like?

limestone is rough, it crumbles and absorbs water, this is because it is porous which means that it has tiny holes in it. limestone is made up of tiny grains they are circular (MORE)

What has limestone in?

The chemical formula for Limstone is CaCo3(small 3 at bottom right) Ca- calcium Carbon- C O-oxygen so overall it has calcium, carbon and oxygen