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What is a limited capacity model?

The limited capacity model of mediate messaging assumes that people have a limited capacity to process information. When consuming stimuli, there is a set amount of mental res (MORE)

How did geography limit the success of the Crusades?

well,first of all the crusades had to travel huge distances just to reach the war. Many died along the way. Second, crusades weren't prepared to fight in the Palestines desert (MORE)

What is the age limit on being a model?

It depends on the type of modeling you are interested in. There are baby and child models, teen models (13-17), fashion/runway models (13-24) and commercial/print models (13 a (MORE)

What are the limitations of a model?

The limitations of a model are that it will typically not have all  the features of the finished product. A model may also be  misleading as some features might turn out to (MORE)

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What are the Limitations of porters five force model?

1. put emphasis on external factors and ignore firm-specific factors 2. institutional issue plays an important role in shaping and controlling the industry, but porter just t (MORE)

Limitations of models?

Models only represent known possibilities for simulations. Models  are limited by what a research determines will happen. A model  can't demonstrate problems that are unknow (MORE)

What are limitations of object oriented database model?

 Schema Changes: In an RDBMS modifying the database schema either by creating, updating or deleting tables is typically independent of the actual application. In an OODBMS b (MORE)