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What is the main limitation of the water fall model?

The model implies that you should attempt to complete a given stage before moving on to the next stage Does not account for the fact that requirements constantly change.It als (MORE)

What are the limitations of scientist model about the earth layers?

Well it is much smaller than the actual earth. The crust is a little tiny tiny sliver compared to the other layers. It doesn't get to show the temperature or state of matter o (MORE)

What are the limitations of the demand forecasting models?

the limitations of the demand forecasting include the following: change in fashion consumers psychology uneconomical lack of experts lack of past data
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What is a limitation of a model of the solar system using styrofoam balls?

model limitations: · You are unable to determine the size of the planets · You are unable to measure the length between each planet · You can not determine the speed (MORE)

What are the Limitations of porters five force model?

1. put emphasis on external factors and ignore firm-specific factors 2. institutional issue plays an important role in shaping and controlling the industry, but porter just t (MORE)

Limitations of models?

Models only represent known possibilities for simulations. Models  are limited by what a research determines will happen. A model  can't demonstrate problems that are unknow (MORE)