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Who is the largest broadcaster?

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the largest broadcaster in the world. It is available in 200 countries. They have many different television channels in the Brita (MORE)

When will 1080p be broadcasted?

Althouh many HDTV's are currently being sold with a natve resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It could be several years before broadcasters deliver 1080p signals. For the time b (MORE)

Who is Ariel lin boyfriend?

As of June 2014, Ariel Lin, the Taiwanese actress and singer, is  dating Lin Yuchao. Ariel was born in Taipei, Taiwan on October 29,  1982.
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What is different limited broadcast and directed broadcast?

Limited Broadcast - Sent to all NICs on the some network segment as the source NIC. It is represented with the TCP/IP address. This broadcast is not forwarded (MORE)

What are broadcast equipments?

  They are the pieces of equipment associated with broadcasting (radio, television, and more). Antennas, transmission lines, any phase splitters or combiners, transmitters (MORE)

What does a sports broadcaster do?

  A sports broadcaster selects, writes, and delivers coverage of sporting events and shows that are aires on television or radio stations. They may also provide pre, durin (MORE)

What does a broadcasting company do?

what does a broadcasting company do? well they manges TV or radio station, broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content to a dispersed audience.

What is broadcasting for?

Broadcasting refers to the way information and entertainment is  released to the general public. If you take broadcasting in school,  you would more than likely be working i (MORE)

What is Broadcast transmission?

Sending the same signal to many different places, like a television broadcasting station. Broadcast Transmission can be over optical fibers if the same signal is delivered to (MORE)
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Where does WGAL broadcast from?

WGAL is a Lancaster-licensed broadcasting station that reaches Southern Central Pennsylvania. The broadcast transmitter is located north of Hallam, Pennsylvania.
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